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General Dentistry at Wellness Dental Bronte

Dr. Yvonne with female patientHaving healthy teeth starts with a quality dental team you can trust. Together, we’ll help you achieve a smile that can last well into the future.

Services include

Checkup and Clean – Preventative six month checkups keep your smile clean and help prevent the onset of gum disease. Plus, it allows us to treat your teeth and gums proactively, avoiding more expensive and complex treatment down the track. We’ll take intermittent digital X-rays as needed to screen for issues that aren’t visible during your exam.

Children’s Dental Care – Primary (baby) teeth require extra attention, so that developmental issues can be intercepted before they permanently alter the health of the adult teeth coming in after them. Just like adults, kids need a dental checkup every six months. We also offer protective fissure sealants to block-out cavities in areas that are hard to keep clean.

Custom Mouthguards – Custom sports guards can help you reduce the chances of a broken or knocked-out tooth. A professionally made mouthguard offers better protection against dental emergencies and concussions. We can even customise your appliance to match your team’s colours. All you need to get started is an impression of your teeth.

Emergency Dental Care – Painful toothaches require same-day attention to alleviate the source. Having a great family dental team on your side will help ensure you get the individualised attention that you deserve. We can also arrange to see new patients if you’re currently looking for a dentist near you. Our schedule is designed to accommodate last-minute appointments, because dental emergencies never happen when it’s convenient!

Extractions – Severely damaged teeth or aggressive stages of tooth decay often require removal of the tooth to prevent spread of infection and pain. Same- day emergency extractions are available when necessary.

Gum Disease – Did you know that periodontitis is the leading cause of adult tooth loss? It also contributes to chronic bad breath. Therapeutic treatments for gum disease can help you preserve your smile for several more years.

Pregnancy Care – The health of your smile throughout pregnancy can affect your child’s future teeth. Hormonal changes and nausea may predispose some women to extra acid erosion or tooth decay while they’re expecting. Healthy teeth and gums can lower your chances of preeclampsia and pre-term labor.

Root Canals – Endodontic therapy alleviates the swelling and infection inside of your nerve canal, removing the source of painful toothaches. If you have a dental abscess, a root canal can prevent the need for a dental extraction.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea – Sleeping disorders can raise your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, not to mention leave you feeling fatigued throughout the day. A custom oral sleep appliance may help you with your snoring habit and get a better night’s rest.

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