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Dental Implants at Wellness Dental Bronte

Illustration of dental implantDental implants are one of the best tooth replacement treatment that modern dentistry has to offer. They won’t affect your adjacent healthy teeth and are strong enough to work for single or multiple tooth replacement needs.

It’s not necessary to have an implant for each specific tooth that’s missing. Rather, implants can support:

  • Single dental crowns, acting as independent teeth
  • Multiple-tooth bridges, with either end supported by an implant
  • Full-arch restorations, such as hybrid dentures or an overdenture

What are Dental Implants?

An implant is essentially an artificial tooth root. The base is made of a titanium material, which is unique in that it can integrate with your own bone or jaw. After your implant is stable, we can top it off with a porcelain or zirconia restoration (such as a crown or bridge) to fill in the open area left by the missing tooth.

Implants are extremely durable and said to be stronger than healthy, natural teeth. Their streamlined design allows them to perform as a natural part of your bite, even though they are a prosthetic tooth. Most people like them better than dentures, because they’re not removable and you aren’t able to take them out.

After Your Implant Placement

Getting dental implants is considered a minimally-invasive procedure and only requires local anaesthetic to numb the immediate area. As long as you didn’t have any type of sedation, you’ll be able to drive yourself home afterwards. That being said, it’s normal to feel tender for a day or two following the procedure.

Getting dental implants is not an instant process. The new restoration will need time to integrate before we top it off with a crown or bridge. If you’re having a tooth removed prior to the implant placement, it could need up to three months before fully integrating and ready to support a crown.

Caring for Your New Implants

Looking after implants is relatively straightforward. Although they can’t get decay, they can be affected by gum disease. You want to care for an implant almost as if it were a real tooth, brushing and flossing around it each day. Scheduling regular checkups will allow us to clean away any calcified buildup that can’t be cleaned off with a brush or floss.

Most implant supported prosthetics are permanently affixed in place. If you wear a removable appliance of any sort, such as a stabilized overdenture, be sure to take it out at night and clean it the same way you would a traditional denture.

Complimentary Implant Consultations

We offer free consultations to anyone considering dental implants. Since the selection criteria is quite specific, it’s important to make sure you qualify for the procedure before going much further in the planning process. During your complimentary evaluation, we’ll make sure you’re a candidate for treatment and then provide you with a detailed pricing plan in regard to your unique case.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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