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Dental Fillings at Wellness Dental Bronte

We only use top of the range white dental fillings. These resin and composite materials add strength to a tooth while also enhancing the way your smile looks. Compared to traditional metal restorations, white fillings are less invasive and preserve as much tooth structure as possible.

What Happens During a Filling Appointment?

Older man looking up at female dentistIf you have decay, we’ll numb your tooth and then clean out the cavity. Most people say they don’t feel anything during the visit. From there, we’ll bond the white filling material directly to your tooth structure, rebuilding the area that was lost. As an end result, you can use your tooth and smile as normal.

Since composite resin comes in a variety of shades, we can specify the colour that best matches your surrounding tooth structure. After the treatment, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between where your tooth stops and the filling starts.

Diagnosing Tooth Decay

Before placing a filling, we’ll need to take an X-ray of your tooth to determine the state of the damage. If you have a visible cavity, it’s important to see how close the decay rests next to your nerve. Or if there’s an old silver filling that’s leaking, we need to see how deep it goes.

In some instances, tooth damage may go deep enough that an alternative treatment like a root canal or crown is required. Placing too large of a filling inside of weak enamel won’t be able to withstand everyday use. A larger inlay/onlay or crown can help protect and maintain its normal strength.

The sooner we diagnose your decay, the smaller the filling needs to be.

Symptoms of Cavities

Not all cavities hurt. However, there are some warning signs to be on the lookout for. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of tooth decay, be sure to schedule an exam at your earliest convenience:

  • Sensitivity to hot or warm foods
  • Pain when you eat or drink something sweet
  • A visible hole or discoloration
  • Feeling a rough edge on your tooth
  • Food getting caught each time you eat
  • Something feeling off about your bite

What to Know About Tooth Decay

Most cavities are a result of heavy plaque buildup or not flossing hard-to-reach areas. Having a good daily oral hygiene routine in place can help you avoid extensive tooth decay. Pay particular attention to brushing your gumlines and flossing between each tooth. Active cavities can easily spread to adjacent teeth.

It’s OK to Feel Nervous

We understand that being at the dentist office isn’t most people’s favourite place to be. If you feel a bit uneasy about getting a filling, we want you to know that we’re here to make you as comfortable as possible. A small amount of anaesthetic will numb your tooth. Most people say they don’t feel a thing during their procedure. If at any time you need to raise a concern, we can stop treatment.

Don’t Delay Your Care

A cavity can quickly spread to other teeth or develop into an abscess. For Dental Fillings Bronte, request a visit today!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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